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Kitchen Gardens 

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Fresh from your Garden to your Kitchen

What do you think about growing your own food in your own home? Let us create an edible landscape for you, close to you. Be it a terrace, yard, balcony or a few pots. We’ll make sure you get the best veggies out it!


Eat fresh and organic vegetables from your very own kitchen garden. Staying healthy just got a lot easier!  If you have a sunny balcony, terrace, garden or backyard that you want to make into a green kitchen garden then we’ll come and help you set it up from scratch to finish.

Does your home get less sun or is it shaded by the building in front or a large tree? Not to worry, you may still be able to grow fresh greens for your family and loads of air purifying plants too!  

Choose from a range of options from classy bamboo containers or go simple with bamboo baskets and pots. All you have to do is schedule a visit and we’ll come have a look, give you the best recommendations and set it up including all materials, containers, soil, labour, saplings and seeds. Watch and behold as your balcony and terrace is transformed into a lush kitchen garden.


  1.  Schedule a visit or call us on +918252186606

  2. We’ll send our team over to have a look at your growing space (the visit is charged at Rs. 1000, you can go for a virtual initial visit at Rs.500), check how much sunshine is received, and give you the best recommendation on design and what all you can grow.

  3. Once you choose what you want to grow and which containers suit you the best, we send in our set up team to build your kitchen garden (all inclusive, literally!).

  4. We also give you basic information on maintenance like watering and weeding including a kitchen garden maintenance kit which includes essential micro-nutrients and bio pest management solutions.

  5. After a fortnight we visit again, to make sure things are running smoothly and if not replant saplings and seeds (that’s on us!)

  6. As an BONEYA Kitchen Garden owner you gain access to our growing community of urban farmers online. Whatsapp your wins, your questions and concerns here and we’ll always be there for you.

  7. Last but not the least, eat fresh and live healthy 🙂


Antibiotics, medicines and trips to the doctor running up your bills?

Ever thought how in the good ol’ days people didn’t have as many illnesses as they do now? Well, they didn’t even have pesticide laden food back then. With just the cost of setting up a kitchen garden have a permanent oasis in your home to grow fresh veggies and herbs forever.

At BONEYA we believe everyone should have access to fresh and healthy food. Our services are fully customisable so that you get only what you want. Choose how big you want your kitchen garden to be and choose what you would like to grow, and we’ll give you the best price that’s out there.

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