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Key Highlights

  • Collect "Mushroom" & "Ghonghi" and Travel

  • Traditional Cooking workshop to learn about Ghattha/Leto/Peetha/Chhilka

  • Lodging in mud house

  • Khatia weaving workshop

  • Participate in local Tusu /Mela

  • Enjoy Traditional dance Chhow/Natua/Ghoda nach

  • Travel to the farm to enjoy Paddy sowing/harvesting/ploughing/ Potato and other vegetable cultivates

Current Booking

BONEYA promises to promote ecologically sensitive tourism and responsible attitude towards the environment. We will provide the maximum benefits to the local indigenous communities by operating in a honest, thoughtful and concerned manner towards their custom and culture and communities for natural resource management. We are ready to offer professional adventour and nature tourism services of an international standard to our clientele.

Rs. 500/- Person for 6 Hours
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-05 at 9.38.18 PM.
Rs. 1000/- Person for 4 Hours
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-05 at 9.36.41 PM.
Rs. 750/- Person for 6 Hours
river crossing.jpg
Rs. 1000/- Person for 6 Hours
(River Crossing, Rock Climbing, Mountain Cycling, Rope Climbing)
wood trekking.jpg
Rs. 1000/- Person for 4 Hours


  • First Aid Tool Kit and consumables need to Bring with you.

  • Water/Juices etc packed in Plastic Bottle or Tetra Pack not allowed.

  • Dry fruits/fruits packed in cotton bags are allowed.

  • Boiled omelette/egg, Chhilka/Pakaudi/Bhunja/Chiwda available at tourism destination on demand.

  • Chewing Pan/Tobacco and smoking not allowed at the camps.

  • Tourist need to fill a form for record.

Hiring of Local Guide/Resources.

  • Guide cum Cameraman, Rs. 200/- for 2 Hours

  • Bamboo Stick, Rs. 10/- Per Piece

  • Cycle, Rs. 100/- for 6 Hours

  • Hat made of leaves, Rs. 50/- Per Piece

Booking Open for

  • Chadri Charan Hiking

  • Mountain Cycling

  • Chadri mud trekking

  • Baridih Agro Tourism

  • Kargil Bike/Cycling

  • Bhera River crossing

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