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Rent a Framlet & Grow Your Own Food

Our expertise. Your mini farm. Your natural food.

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What is the concept of farmlets?

Rent your very own miniature farm and grow the things you like, organically. Learn farming skills and techniques, become a city farmer and join the community of happy farmletters.  

And don’t worry about being a new farmer when we are here! We will ensure that you enjoy the goodness of your organic farm produce to the optimum. We take care of all your farming requirements such as seeds, saplings, organic manure, weeding, watering, manpower and maintenance.

There is nothing better than growing your own organic food while enjoying the benefits of outdoor life and spending stress free time with family and friends.

How do farmlets work?

  1. Based on your family size and requirements, choose from 1200sft, 1800sft and 2400 sft plot sizes at our farmlet location in Ormanjhi.

  2. Choose from an extensive list of seasonal vegetables you would like to grow.

  3. We grow the seasonal for you, using only natural and sustainable methods.

  4. Join in the farming process from sowing, to weeding and harvesting at your convenience. The farms are open on all days. 

  5. Learn at workshops especially designed for new farmers. 

  6. Harvest your very own organic vegetables or let us deliver them to you.

  7. Stay healthy! 🙂

Excited? Why don’t you schedule a visit to our farm.

Growing your own organic food through BONEYA farmlets has many benefits:

  • Fresh & organic food: Learn how organic food is grown without any chemicals and in a natural environment. We use only in-house organic composting and bio-pest management techniques.

  • Farming experience: A team of certified permaculturists and organic farming experts are always there taking care of your farmlet. Learn organic farming from our experts through our workshop sessions & experience the joy of growing your own food.

  • Knowledge sharing: Chat about recipes & experiences with other city farmers during open-houses and in our WhatsApp groups.

  • Convenient delivery: Should you wish to, we offer delivery of your harvest to your doorstep.

  • Good for the earth: We ensure your organic food is good for the earth too by using energy conservation techniques, water conservation techniques thus keeping a minimal carbon footprint.

  • Connect with nature: Visit your farm with family and friends, get your hands dirty and harvest your own vegetables. It’s a great place to bring your kids and connect them with nature.

Find your farmlet

BONEYA Farm, located in Ormanjhi, outskirt of Ranchi. Enjoy this beautiful farmland while learning how to grow your own food. See how our natural farming practices transform this land into a glorious edible landscape.

Boneya Farm address:

Google map pin: 


You can rent an BONEYA farmlet for as little as Rs. 2,000 per month.

Considering this is organic seasonal farming, we have a minimum subscription plan of 12-months, starting from Rs. 2,000 per month for a 1,200 sqft farmlet at our Farm. A 12 month subscription is necessary because vegetables take time to grow, it encourages patience and a chance to connect with your organic food.

Not to forget the price for the farmlet also includes, access to our online community of urban organic farmers, special discounts and offers at our events and programmes.


Is the farmlet size too small for your needs? Do you own a farm that you would like to grow your food on? Let us know and we can help you grow food on your farm land.

Want to grow your food on our balcony or terrace instead? Why don’t you consider setting up a kitchen garden?

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